The only 100% Tangle Free engineered patented function that no other product ever developed contains is the independent rotation (turning/spinning and without bearings) capability of both the Rotation Block and Rotation Sleeve around the Anchor Shaft. The independent free rotation (movement) capability by both the Rotation Block and Rotation Sleeve provide the unique Patented function allowing the chosen tether lead to unwind back to full length when a sufficient force (pulling) is applied by the Pet, Animal, or object connected to the Rotation Block.

     Your Pet or Animal can enjoy as much freedom and area roam as provided. Any length tether (rope, leash, cable, chain, etc.) that may collect around the Anchor Shaft Rotation Sleeve will FREELY return to full length as a sufficient force or energy of pulling by the Pet, Animal, or other force is applied in an outward direction.

      There are topics to consider obtaining the maximum Safety, exercise, freedom, and proper product function and operation, etc., for your Pet or Animal. The style tether (weight, design, and characteristics of the rope, leash, retractable leash, chain, etc.) and application hardware (swivel, clasp, knot, universal link, etc.) chosen for your application is VERY IMPORTANT. USE THESE PRODUCTS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Contact Stayk Industries with questions with your specific application. Aspects to consider when SAFELY tethering a Pet or Animal are the proper selection of tether and/or hardware for your application. Stayk Industries primary goal when developing this life protecting product is to provide owners which an alternative solution to cages, crates, leaving your pet at home needlessly, and most importantly inferior cheap non-functioning products that have cost countless animal life to be lost. Rescue organizations and associations are slowly recognizing the humane capability so desperately needed for more than a century that The Stayk and Pro Stayk bring to Pets and Animals and their Owners as well. This product development was undertaken to provide an answer to the Safety, care and freedom needs so desperately needed for both pets and owners. It has never been about money, rather Pet & Animal Life Preservation. How much is your Pet or Animal’s Life worth?

Patented Features and Functions

  • 100% Tangle Free Operation
  • Most Humane Product Ever Developed for Pets and Animals
  • The First Cage-less and Crate-less Security, No Confinement
  • Portable or Fixed Application Capability
  • Accommodates Virtually Any Style or Type Tether Lead
  • (Leash, Rope, Cable, Chain, Retractable leash, etc., etc.)
  • Durability and Function Second to None
  • Versatility for Any Terrain or Application
  • Re-arrange Components for Application Needs
  • Adaptable for Apartment, Park, Home, Traveling, Hunting…
  • Total Freedom for Pets, Animals, and Owners
  • Special Consideration for Handicapped Pets from Deafness/Sight Issues, no Fence, Likes to Dig Out, Wants to Go With Owner, etc.
  • There should be NO Limitation to Pet Safety & Freedom – Contact Us. Let Us Show How to Enjoy and Protect Your Pet and Investment
  • You Don’t Care to be Left Out of the Fun, Pets Don’t Either. Now You CAN Take Them With You