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Invention Design Requirements and Goals

THE STAYK is a highly engineered invention developed specifically to reduce the death of Pets & Animals. How? By providing true 100% TANGLE FREE OPERATION by the most simplistic and engineered Tie-Out System ever developed. The number one goal achieved was optimum Pet & Animal Safety. Then came you, total consideration for the pet and animal owner’s concerns and ease of use. From puppies to horses, THE STAYKâ accommodates any type leash – Rope, Handheld Retractable Leash, Stationary Retractable Leash, Chain, Cable, etc., and any application. Additionally, the THE STAYKâ components can be re-arranged making it adaptable to virtually any application need.

After satisfying the maximum safety needs for Pets & Animals or material investments such as an Ultra-Light Aircraft, Watercraft, All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), etc., the convenience of application and use for the owner was next without jeopardizing a single safety aspect. The following is a partial list of true ENGINEERING aspects required for product completion by animal lover, engineer and inventor, Stan Wiggins:

  • Highest Quality Materials and Precision Tolerances
  • 100% True Tangle Free Patented Operation
  • Material Compatibility for Maximum Product Life
  • Optimum Performance Without Bearings – No Bearings
  • Design Simplicity for Maximum Safety for Any Size Animal
  • Exceptional Portability to Reduce Leaving Pets at Home
  • Pet & Animal Freedom outside ANYWHERE – Apartment, Home, Park, Beach, Hotel, Traveling, etc.
  • Minimize Pet Owner’s Need to Physically Control the Pet
  • Deliver Maximum Anchor Holding Capability
  • Accommodate as many style Tethers and Connections
  • Ultimate Portable Length to Accommodate Different Soils
  • Maximize Tether Connection Height Location to Eliminate Vertical Forces that Pull Anchor from the Ground
  • Assist User Installation & Removal by Increased Rotation Sleeve Length for Holding
  • Provide Owners the Most Effective and Simplest Tie-Out & Anchor System Possible and Product Life, Ever!
  • Simplistic Design Allowing for Custom Product Needs