SII - Stayk Industries, Inc.      Stayk Industries, Inc.

SII - Safety Solution Providers

The Stayk Provides security everywhere Rescue - Safety - Pets - Property

A few examples of applications and uses.

Mrs. Kitty  Weekend Camping or Serious Hunting

Multiple Pet or Animal Application  Puppies to Horses

Excelent Training Apparatus  Whoa Post Training

The Stayk Anchor System The Stayk Anchor System goes Everywhere!

The Stayk promotes togetherness. The Stayk includes Everyone!

The Stayk beats them ALL! The Stayk is for everyone to join in.

The Stayk Protective End-Cap   The Stayk Protective End-Cap

The Stayk..., Pure Protection The Stayk, resolves any need.

The Stayk..., Ture Versatility. The Stayk..., total versatility.

The Stayk, meets your every need. The  Stayk - Total Versatility The Stayk provides unlimited versatility. The Stayk - for You and Yours...