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Because we value the life, safety, and care for the wonderful animals that bless our lives, we invent for them all.

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George Hickox Bird Dogs - Professional Bird Dog Training and Breeding.


As the developer of the Patented and ONLY stationary and portable 100% Tangle Free Pet and Animal Tie Out & Anchor System, we take pride in offering the best Tether Anchor and 1st Responder Emergency Services Rescue Stayk (anchor system) available via and many other rescue gear on-line companies (Google Search "Rescue Stayk"). We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers and their pets or animals each and every day.

1.  What size pet or animal can I put on the Stayk or Pro Stayk?
Answer -  Actually if the animal is experienced with being on a tether there is no problem, they know what to expect.
If the animal has never been tethered, it is best to spend time with the pet to assure them that they have not been abandoned and that they are not being punished. Likewise, choose a tether (leash) that the animal needs to use a little effort to move around, This provides exercise and helps prevent the animal from getting the tether from getting wrapped around the animal’s legs, which can cause a panic/trapped mode and the animal can get hurt trying to escape the unknown/misunderstood capture.

2.  What size tether should I use for my pet or animal?
Answer -  The best “Rule of Thumb” is to choose a tether (chain, rope, cable, etc.) the animal can feel so they remember they have been put on the tether system. Likewise, it's best when it's required for them to exert themselves a little when they have stretched the tether out about 3/4 of the length before its full length. This will provide great exercise and understanding that "If I get rowdy a run after something I shoud'nt, I can feel discomfort if I don't heed the stronger pull in time." Animals are very smart and in tune to their surroundings. Something as simple as this can help them to remember where they are.

3.  What type or material should I use when choosing a tether, rope, chain, etc.?
Answer - A Rope? – Rope is fine, IF, the animal/pet does not chew, and get loose, or too light and get themselves tangled up when rolling around, which can lead to a panic state and the pet hurt them-self. To eliminate this possibility, the rope can be inserted into a typical garden hose and 1-2 inches of space between the end of the hose and clasp.

4.  Is there a special chain choice for my pet’s tether?
Answer -  As with any tether choice, choose a chain that is light enough for them to walk around, NOT RUN, but walk around comfortably, but exert a small effort to pull the chain for exercise and to remind the pet that they are tethered. They are smart and know they are tethered.

5.  Cable? Is a coated or bare cable better?
Answer -  A coated cable is considered best because the coating can prevent damage and corrosion, but again, weight of the cable is important. The animal or pet needs reminded they are tethered. Typically the rule of thumb is for the pet to feel/exert a little effort approximately ¾ of the length of the tether to prevent them from running and injuring themselves when traveling too fast when reaching the end of the of the tether length.

6.  I have a pet that is very big and over active. Nothing I have found will hold or control them. How is the Stayk different?
Answer -  First, contact Stayk Industries and discuss your pet issues BEFORE purchasing equipment. We will help you determine what should be the best for your, and your pet’s, protection, fun, experience, and more.

7.  What is the maximum length I should use for my pet’s tether?
Answer -  You can use as long of tether as YOUR PET can safely use in each location’s conditions.

8.  Can a retractable leash be used with a Stayk?
Answer -  Yes! There are Handheld and Stationary designed retractable leashes on the market and to date, there has not been a model that cannot be adapted to the Stayk, however, WARNING! Make sure you choose the correct retractable leash considering the size, tether length, construction durability, construction strength, tether (cord, rope, cable, etc.) strength and durability. Call Stayk Industries, we will help evaluate your situation and application needs and possible requirements.

9.  What are some advantages of the Stayk verses other products available?
Answer -  There are simply too many products to cover them all here, but if not covered here, call us and we will assist in any way to address and solve your issue or concern.  Primarily the two major issues is tangling around the tether anchor, which can lead to dehydration from the pet not being to reach their water, or the tether gets shorter and shorter until drastically the pet suffocates from the collar preventing adequate breathing air. 

Second is pulling the tether anchor out of the ground.
The Stayk patented design incorporates two vital independent rotating components which allow the tether to unwind and prevent the tether from wrapping around the anchor rod itself which causes the tether to tighten up on itself and preventing the animal from knowing that traveling around in one direction is peril to their safety and freedom.

Additionally, the primary issue that is not recognized with tether anchors that screw into the ground is that, as the anchor is being screwed into the ground it is loosening the soil which will not hold very long. With the tether being located at ground level, there is always an upward force (Pulling) upward on the tether anchor located in the loose soil. Shortly after being pulled on by the pet, the tether anchor is finally pulled out of the ground and the pet is gone.

Keep in mind that the type of soil any tether anchor is installed in make a difference in how long and secure the anchor will remain. The Stayk anchor rod is basically like a nail being driven into wood, the Stayk anchor rod packs the soil around the rod and builds pressure against the anchor rod and thus higher holding power. Additionally, the tether (leash) is located up off the ground, which moves the pulling of the pet more in a horizontal plain (parallel to the ground), and applies the pulling force more against the soil and not upward out of the ground.    412-773-7310
George Hickox Bird Dogs - Professional Bird Dog Training and Breeding.
Professional Rescue and Mountain Climbing Gear - SMC Rescue Stayk®.  -  A Special Tool for our Special Forces and SEAL Teams - Plus Top Rescue Teams across The United States, Canada, and Austraila

Founder - Inventor - Engineer:  Stan Wiggins

Year Founded:  1994

Trade Mark:  Stayk® (The Stayk® / Professional Stayk® / Rescue Stayk® / Indoor-Outdoor Stayk®)

Patented: The Stayk® Tie-Out and Anchor System

Vision: To reduce the needless loss of pet life every year and provide pet and animal owners with a 100% Tangle Free portable or stationary method to protect the animals they love and cherish. Likewise, a proven method of anchoring, securing, and incorporating an anchor system in a multitude of activities anywhere they owners travel. Our products are about protecting life and property. One product, when developed and focused correctly, can create secure enjoyment no matter where or what the application. If a need is not met, with our product, PLEASE let us know. It's always a challenge to provide a solution. For us, Stayk® Industries, Inc. is not about the profit, but realistic achievable solutions for life.

Stayk® Product Endorsement and Exposure: George Hickox, Dr. Jim Corbin University of Kentucky (Hall of Distinguished Alumni - Corbin Award in Companion Animal Biology - American Association for Laboratory Science Griffin Award) / Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ilinois (Chicago), Ugly Dog Hunting, Cabela's Outdoor, Gun Dog Magazine Articles, Shooting Sportsman Magazine Articles, Sporting Clays Magazine Articles.

Inventor Partial Background:  Stan Wiggins - Magna Cum Laude Structural/Mechanical Engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt, Technical Services Supervisor Pennzoil/Quaker State Company, Mechanical Application Specialist/Lubricants Blend Operations Supervisor, Shell/Pennzoil/Quaker State Motor Sports NASCAR/NHRA/CART RACING/JR. DRAGSTER, Sponsored Team Hard Parts Applications Evaluator & Lubricants Liasonse, ASE Master Machinist, ASE Automotive & Auto Body Technician Certified, 28 years in business, BBB A+ Gold Certificate Award Performance, Inventor & Utility Patent Owner, Trade Mark Owner, Motion Picture and Book Copy Right - Volunteer Fire Chief - Industrial Emergency Response Specialist, Professional Certified Confined Space & Rope Rescue Technician, National Professional Board Certified Fire & Rescue Technician, Level III Fire Instructor, Swift Water Rescue Technician, Vehicle Extrication Technician, Agriculture Machinery Extrication Specialist, Machinery Extrication Technician, and Volunteer & Commissioned Firefighter

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