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  100% Engineered Tangle Free Portable or Stationary Anchor 
Puppies to Horses,  ATV,  Watercrafts  to  Ultra Light Aircraft

No More!
Dehydration -  Crates  -  Caging  -  Locked in Room  -  Makeshift Pin  -  Tangling  -  Digging Out  - Breaking Free

We  Welcome!  ALL Pet  &  Animal  Lovers,  and our  Fire  &  Rescue  Technicians


 $39.95  + $10.85 S&H
($19.75 S&H for Alaska)
$79.95  + $10.85 S&H
($19.75 S&H for Alaska)

 Protect Your Pets & Investments


 a Super Gift for Anyone

Stayk Industries' primary goal is helping to reduce the countless and needless animal deaths & cruelty acts experienced every year. 

Finally, everyone can have the expected fun of taking their family pets with them where ever they go. Our simple to use tether anchor is fully engineered to accommodate any type of tether - retractable leashes, rope and chains, cable, etc., for any size pet or animal. The Stayk is portable, extremely simple to use, durable and manufactured with high quality materials all in one and expected to last a lifetime - everything ALL the other tether anchors are not.

                          Forever needed and finally here

                            MADE IN THE U.S.A.


The  Rescue  Stayk®

    Pricing available at  
and many other on-line
Rescue Equipment Companies

                      Professionally  Engineered 

            Emergency  Rescue  Life  Saving  Tools

Used by Fire & Rescue Departments and Heavy Rescue Teams across North America and Internationally, the Rescue Stayk is proving to be the tool of choice for every life safety venue. From the toughest Swift-water Rescues to helping expand the Large Animal Rescue Teams capability, the Rescue Stayk® is proving to be the missing link in the Rescue and Life Safety world.

Additionally, the rescue Stayk® has been incorporated into the stealth toolbox of our top military units such as Special Forces and Seal Teams. This is the limit on this topic sharable at this time. The staff of Stayk® Industries, Inc. are extremely proud to be a part of the extensive invention capability, versatility, function, and quality incorporated in every Stayk® product. Truly a product without limits.




From Puppies to Horses, ATVs to Water Craft, Boats to Ultra-Light Aircraft, etc.,